At ChenTech, we’re a fun, forward-thinking team that envisions a better future for health care and creates the tools that will move the industry forward. Our commercial-grade web-based and native mobile apps provide our doctors, care teams, and commercial partners with the ability to refocus the health care model to one that’s centered on delivering the best outcomes and experiences to patients. We don’t just make apps; we make a difference.

So far, our flagship products are:

Dashboard EHRtm
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We created an entirely electronic health record (EHR) system so that care teams and physicians can electronically manage patient records, encounters, and appointments, which also allows for billing through automated coding. The built-in real-time analytics assist doctors in determining the most accurate diagnoses and treatment options. Dashboard is a software as a service (SaaS) offering that can be accessed from anywhere using the latest in e-commerce security. All patient health information (PHI) is carefully encrypted at all stages of handling and completely HIPAA compliant. Traditional EHRs are all about data entry for fee-for-service (FFS) billing and not very intuitive in terms of patient care. But Dashboard is the only EHR of its kind—conceived from the ground up by physicians for physicians in order to truly manage the best patient outcome.
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The name says it all. This app was made for doctors on the go (on call), giving them full access to patients’ charts from anywhere. Built-in notes and picture capability, which add additional information to the medical chart; a full search function to assist doctors in finding any patient for a specific practice; and the fact that the app is ultra fast are only a few of the time-saving features that help doctors become more productive.
Appointment Makertm
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Appointment Maker is a crucial part of Dash2Go and Dashboard. Scheduling patients for appointments the traditional way is cumbersome, so we had the bright idea to semi-automate the process and allow doctors and their staff to schedule based on patient and appointment type and to simplify repeat appointments for patients with chronic conditions and ongoing treatment plans. It also sends out appointment notifications for scheduling and reminders.

Our Apps Drive Innovation
We’ve built many apps throughout the year. During that time, we’ve learned as much from our failures as we have from our successes. We have a standard for high quality, and all our apps that bear the ChenTech name have to be great, innovative, disruptive, and supportive. Every app we create (whether it makes it into production or not) is a great opportunity for us to hone our skill and pave the way for some truly awesome innovation to occur.


We are a bunch of nerds, geeks, ninjas, and gurus (or whatever they call us these days :-)), who are dedicated to delivering handcrafted, awesome technology that fundamentally improves patient care and health outcomes, while keeping our doctors excited with actually usable, innovative, and fast-performing solutions.

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